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We are your hometown symphony, your friends and neighbors together making music just for the joy of it. We hope to share our music with you.


Join us for a concert!

Leave your cares at the door. Immerse in some of the world's most enduringly beautiful music. Dress up if you wish, but it's not required; our concerts are not a formal occasion. Nor do you need to know or "understand" the music. If you are curious, enjoy our program notes.

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There are no rules for our audience, but there are some customs and courtesies.

We hope all in our audience can hear, sense, and enjoy the subtleties of our music without distracting noise or movement.

We ask that cell phones or pagers be set to silent mode or turned off.

We encourage all to greet friends and take seats well before concert time. Seating is permitted later only between selections.

We welcome the lucky children and the wise parents who care enough to help us share our music with them. Fidgety children disturb others around them and should be quietly removed.

We endorse no one right way to enjoy a concert. Our music can take one privately to faraway places and past times. Some study the delicate interplay between the instruments, or watch the choreography of the conductor. Others find it relaxing enough to nod off without embarrassment.

We cherish your appreciation and encouragement. We accept your applause as a sincere "thank you" for which there is never a wrong time. Many do honor the custom of holding applause until the last movement of a long selection. If you are concerned about observing this custom, watch the conductor's baton; when it is down the piece is finished.

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